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Float Guide Sets

MAR 15/13    DEC 2017    Will be updating  soon!

  •  If you are looking to improve your rod building check out the DVDs particularly the one by Russ Gooding of Golden Witch on How to Build a Modern Classic- The Graphite Fly Rod
  • 1     XTCYTCG   Hi Frame   13ft  $69.19
  •           Alps PVD TiCh frame & thin zirconium ring
  • 2     BMHG  Hi Frame    13ft  $23.67
  •          Pac Bay Black  frame/Hialoy Ring
  • 3     BYAG   Hi Frame    13ft   $35.38
  •           Fuji  Concept  Hi Frame   Black Frame/Alconite rings
  • 4     RSPG   Recoil   13ft   $90.10
  •           Recoil stainless  (14 guides or sub RCST recoil top for tip top)
  • 5     RSPGB Recoil Black  13ft   $103.30
  •           Recoil black pearl
  • 6     TYSG  Hi Frame  13ft  $157.20
  •            Fuji  Titanium frame/SIC ring (45% lighter than stainless frames)
  • 7     TMZG  Hi Frame  13ft  $66.72
  •             Pac Bay Hi Frame float  Titanium frame/Zirconia Ring
  • 8     GTRLA  Hi Frame  13ft  $103.05
  •             American Tackle Ring Lock  TiCh Frame/Gold/Nanolite ring
  • 9     YSG   Mid Frame   13ft  $83.46
  •             Fuji  Gunsmoke frame/SIC ring (13 guides  add FST7  SIC Top $6.95)
  • 10   CM4CG  HiFrame  13ft  $53.86
  •             Pac Bay  TiCh frame Minima ring (20 to 30% lighter than ceramic)
  • Guide sets include one extra guide instead of tip top ( total 14 guides on 13ft)
  • XTCYTCG, BYAG & YSG sets are 13 guides on 13ft (tips are not included)
  •    (see rod parts list for more details)
  • RA8L2    Aluminum  $22
  •     Lngth 4.04" recessed with double nut
  • A8.5L2   Aluminum  $22
  •     Lngth 4.60"     double nut
  • RA8.5L2  Aluminum  $23
  •     Lngth  4.60"    recessed  double nut
  • AR6RT   Titanium/Rosewood  $29
  •     Lngth  4.00" recessed  double nut ( ID fits the XST1562 13ft)
  • TRIAH12M   Triangle seat   $35
  •     Alps- Length 4.04" self aligning  double nut
  • BPTSG16  Pipe seat  $7
  •     Hood is extra  $11 to $16 for Titanium finish)  (seat is good for colder weather grip)

      (See  rod parts for  all cork  grip    and  fore & butt cork)


Guide Sets

  • FLY ROD     chrome snake   TN snake  chrome sgl foot  TN sgl ft
  • FLY 7ft   (6+1 DF10)          $5.10   $18.45   $7.50   $19.15
  • FLY 7ft6 (7+1 DF10)          $5.70   $20.70   $8.15   $21.30
  • FLY 8ft   (8+1 DF12)          $6.40   $23.85   $9.10   $23.70
  • FLY 8ft6 (8+1 DF12)          $6.40   $23.85   $9.10   $23.70
  • FLY 9ft   (8+ 2DF10/12)     $7.90   $28.80   $10.70  $29.95
  • FLY 10ft (9+ 2DF10/12)     $8.50   $31.05   $11.65  $32.10

** For TipTop add  Chrome $1.65   Titanium $3.75....  On guide sets over $10 deduct 10%.. All prices are CDN$


Why Build A Rod?

Actually you can probably buy a rod for close to the price it will cost you to make one. There are a lot of good deals around now. But when you build your own rod, you can put on the components  that you want and take the time and make it into a handcrafted rod that you can be proud of. And  as you gain more experience you will discover that you can tune the rod to get the best performance for that blank by changing guide spacings and guide sizes.

It certainly isnt hard to build a rod. You can spend as much or as little time on it as you want. Right now I am fishing with a 10ft6 loomis GL2 blank (takes a line 6 just fine). I taped the guides on with masking tape last year & didnt even glue the cork grip on. I am still using it ( never did get around to winding the guides!) Believe me it has caught lots of fish and works like a charm for what I want.

I am handling rainshadow blanks now and as far as I know you cant buy one of these blanks made up into a rod (at least not in our neck of the woods) and they are sweet so looks like I will have to tape more guides on!


More on Rod Building

While its not difficult to build a rod, it sure can be confusing trying to pick out the parts. There are all kinds of components available, and all kinds of prices, but it can be like a chinese puzzle trying to decide what to use. Even trying to pick out a rod kit can be a pain. I have great respect for the people who start rod building businesses. They must have a Philadelphia lawyer somewhere!

Anyways, here is what I have done to try to smooth the process....Our rod kits come with a set of instructions from my own experiences (lots of trials and errors!)..and I give online help by EMail. I dont presume to be an expert,but I have built enough rods to at least get you started on what can be a fun journey.....Also for those of you who already have a blank and are wondering- What Now? I have some component sets to cover a variety of applications......If you are thinking about redoing a favorite rod I list some appropriate guide sets and can send along some notes on how to go about it.

Of course I sell the individual components (lots of them!) for those of you who already know what you are doing.




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