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JAN 27/18

I got tired of fly tying kits that either didnt have the proper materials for tying the example patterns or had such poor quality materials that you had a heck of a time tying a decent pattern- And when you went to tie another common pattern from the book, you discovered you would have to run to the nearest fly shop to get more stuff.

  • So heres my solution  I make up individual packs for $10
  • includes 10 hooks & materials to tie the fly
  • Proper size thread for the selected fly.
  • quantity of materials  will  tie at least 24 flies or more
  • Also includes one of the fly patterns for reference

Patterns include

  • deer hair bass bug
  • wooly bugger
  • streamer    black nose dace or mickey finn,
  • Nymph  Hendrickson, Gold ribbed hares ear nymph or pheasant tail
  • Dry Fly  with Dry Hackle  Light cahill. Bivisible or Adams
  • Dry fly with CDC  Light cahill   Caddis emerger
  • Foam Bug
  • Leech   Black/Red  with bead head
  • Leech   Cone head  rabbit strip leech  in black olive or purple

I have a couple decent instruction books for those who would like an easy to follow book for starting tying

  • Serge Instruction book-  $10   includes tying for 3 patterns  Streamer, Bivisible dy fly & Wooly bugger
  • Wapsi Fly Tying Handbook  $14   Full color includes tying instructions  & 17 fly patterns
  • Fly Tying Clear & Simple /Skip Morris  $25  80 pages of great instruction

If you need tools to get started

  • For $15   will send you scissors, bobbin to hold thread, bodkin to apply cement &  hackle pliers
  • if you want hair stacker for deer hair add $5.00
  • I have fly vises starting at  $20 up for clamp to table style-   $35 up for Pedestal type for table top

Can not ship Head cement thru mail   if you are not near a fly shop   get  Sally Hansen Hard as Nails at the drug store (works fine)

Cheers & Good Luck!




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