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  • NOV 14/13

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  • DVDs are pretty well up to date
  • First section is  Spey & fly casting, fly tying and fishing
  • Last section is rod building  ( more just added)



  • DEC 12/12
  • Advanced Spey/ John & Amy Hazel   82 mins  $29.95
  • Casting, Configuring and Cutting Shooting Head & Sjagit Belly Lines
  • Casting shooting head and Skagit belly lines requires different skills & techniques. Discover what you need to change in your set up, execution and delivery to make these lines work for you. Detailed lessons on five different casts: Switch cast, Snake Roll, Change of Direction, Circle and double Spey plus detailed  instructions on creating your own lines
  • Advanced Techniques for Fishing Stillwaters/ Denny Rickards  $29.95
  • Proper techniques for fishing nymphs and minnow imitations at different depths. proper presentation with the intermediate and fast sinking lines, the importance of leader lengths and fluorocarbon tippets and the most common mistakes  anglers make when fishing lakes
  • Art of Spey Casting for Single and Double Handed Rods/ Jeffrey Pill  210mins $34.95
  • 17 of the worlds best fly casters share their styles & skills thru multi camera coverage of easy to follow demos on rivers in fishing situations
  • Basic Fly Tying/ Martin Knolte   2 disc set  137 mins   $41.95
  • All The Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started-
  • Detailed crystal clear instructions on 7 essential patterns from start to finish, includes dry fly, nymph and streamer. Based on the excellent book of the same name
  • Best of the Bear Tying Tradition/ Jeff "Bear" Andrews  60 mins  $24.95
  • Great Patterns fot Trout-   Some of Bears all time favorite trout flies, including some great "Oldusauble Favorites" along withe some of Bears own great inovations, including Borchers Special, Roberts Yellow Drake, Bears Hex Spinner, Bewars Trico spinner, Bears BWO parachute, ISO parachute and the Mine Sweeper
  • Best of the Bear Steelhead VOL 1     60 mins   $24.95
  • Some of Bears all time favorites ans some of his latest proven great producers, Bear shares some of his tying techniques, along with how to fish his patterns. Includes Bears Hex, The CrossDresser. The Headbanger, Peacock, Fuzzbuster, Neon Stone, Articulating Sparrow, Bears Czech Caddis and the No Brainer
  • Best of the Bear Steelhead  VOL 2   60 mins  $24.95
  • Bear takes you to the next level of Steelhead fishing.  As more advanced techniwues in fishing change to make the sport more challenging, so do the flies and techniques needed to tie new patterns. Learn to tie The Black Mamba, Swinger Smelt, Buckeye Stone, High Water Crystal Egg, Bears Tube Hex and the Saddleback Wiggle Hex
  • Best of Lefty's Tips, Tactics and  Techniques for FlyFishing   $31.50
  • Easy to use menu to choose abd review topics for more productive fishing. Special techniques for casting, retrieving and presentation, fly selection, knots, rods, ree;s, lines, leaders and more
  • Caddis & Stillwater Patterns/ Shayne Stalcup  2 set DVD    $29.95
  • Up to two hours of  fly tying demonstrations Shayne takes you thru his unique methods that give his patterns a distinctive advantage over other's work.  Extreme close ups show complete detail of his tying
  • Disc One- Tying Caddis Flies-  Bead Diving Caddis  Cased Caddis  Swimming Pupa Hydropsyche larva CDC Egg laying caddis
  • Disc Two- Tying Lake Flies- Gilled nymph  Ultra Damsel  Zing Damsel  Z-Scud  Hares Ear Dragon
  • Carpin, An Overview of Fly Rodding for Carp/ Brian Flechsig   60 mins   $34.95
  • Detailed instruction to help understand and successfully fly fish for this wary fish. Carp history, misconceptions abouy carp, equipment, where and when to fish, feeding behaviour, flies and more.
  • The Complete Clouser Minnow    $31.50
  • Bob Clouser guides you through the evolution of the clouser minnow, materials and tools needed as well as the fishing basics
  • Czech Nynphing 101 and Related European Methods/ Steve Parrott  146 mins  $29.95
  • Czech, Polish and Spanish methods. Casting, line control, strike detection, hook set and more. Equipment, preferred gear, line and rigging. Fly Selection and four proven patterns step by step
  • Distance and Delicacy/ Henrick Mortensen  65 mins  $39.95
  • Deals with thje actual fishing techniques, set in the beautiful and wild Rio Grande in Argentina. Strategy, watercraft and techniques for total control of fly in tough situations
  • Essential Skills/ Oliver Edwards   Czech nymphing & Upstream Nymphing  $39.95
  • 90 percent of the fish are caught by 10 percent of the anglers. Learn these devestating skills from a master of the art
  • European Nymphing with Jack Dennis   230 mins  $20.00
  • Learn hot new European nymphing techniques from Vladi Trezbunia, wprld fishing champion, innovator of the Polish nymphing technique. Step by Step Vladi will tie his famous woven Polish nymphs and the Vlado worm. Covers rigging, casting, flies, knots and more
  • Fly Rodders Guide to Carp/ Barry Reynolds   98 mins   $24.95
  • On this DVD Barry shows you what he and Brad Befus introduced in their landmark book, Carp, on The Fly. Barry also covers the tackle necessay to battle these knuckle busters,
  • Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple/ Skip Morris   120 mins   $26.95
  • Skip takes you thru tools, materials, hooks and the tying of some excellent patterns. He gives valuable insight into how to avoid problems
  • and how to tie fine flies
  • Fly Tying Basics: Platinum Fly Fishing Series/Jim Bias   180 mins   $24.95
  • Basic tools, techniques and materials list. Start tying with 6 trusted patterns- Light Cahill, Adams, Pheasant Tail Nymph, Black Nose Dace, Gold Ribbed Hares Ear,Wooly Bugger
  • Fly Tying Techniques of Bob Clouser and Lefty Kreh    160 mins  $31.50
  • Clouser & Kreh teach proper handling of tools with simple, quick methods for more durable  and better fishing bugs, Some favorite patterns shown- Clouser Crayfish, Buggers, Bend Backs
  • Lefty Kreh on Fly Casting    68 mins  $31.50
  • Lefty analyzes the motions to give you a good understanding of the mechanics involved and then goes thru a variety of casts to help you in many situations
  • Lessons with Lefty: A Teaching Guide for Fly Casting     72 mins  $31.50
  • Lefty presents over 20 "Lessons" to solve casting problems and improve skill
  • Modern Spey Casting/ Dec Hogan          $25.95
  • Casting techniques that are a combination of new and old styles to maximize the performance of todays modern spey rods and lines   Filmed in British Columbia
  • Polly Rosborough 1902-1997   60 mins   $26.95
  • Polly ties his fuzzy nymphs-  Sit beside him in his home while he takes you through the Muskrat, Fledermaus, Golden Stone, Blond Burlap, Casual Dress, Green Rock Worm and Green Damsel
  • Tying Flies That Catch Fish with Bob Clouser and Lefty Kreh   85 mins  $31.50
  • In various sizes and colors, these flies are great for saltwater or freshwater- Leftys Bend Back, Bucktail Deceiver, Leftys Deceiver. Hackle Fly, Popping Bug, Clouser Bend Back, Original Clouser Mino, Maxi Minnow, Boca Pailla Bonefish Fly, Half and Half
  • Tying Classic Wet Flies/ Don Bastian  112 mins  $25.00
  • Demonstrates detailed techniques for tying quill, flank, married and mixed wing wet flies with a variety of body materials on  8 patterns
  • Advanced Classic Wet Flies/ Don Bastien   $25.00
  • The Hooked on Fly Tying Series
  • Urban Warfare: In Pursuit of the Poor Mans Bonefish/ Barry Reynolds  40mins  $29.95
  • Assault inner city waterways pursuing what many of todays top fly anglers consider to be one of the toughest fish in freshwater to entice to eat a fly- the "common carp"  Warch as these anglers stalk 20lb carp tailing in inches of water. Freshwater sight fishing at its best! 
  • Trout Grass: A documentary/ David James Duncan  47 mins $20.95
  • This unique film documents the transformation  of bamboo from a hardy species of grass into a meticulously crafted split cane rod
  • Joan Wulff/ Dynamics of Fly Casting     90 mins $24.95
  • 16 time champion caster Joan shows and explainsher techniques from solid basics to advanced techniques
  • The Lee Wulff Master Collection  apprx 5 hours   $37.95
  • 14 of Lee Wulffs best films on this 2 DVD set   Vintage films from the heydays of Angling
  • Titles include 1 Soliquoly to a Salmon & the Atlantic Salmon   2 Giant Tuna, small boat  3 Minipi Trout  4 to Ecuador for Marlin 5 The fly fishermans world 6 Leaping Silver and Atlantic Salmon techniques 7 Three trout to dream about and Minipis discovery 8 San Juan  River Tarpon and world record Marlin 10 Where the biggest Bluefins swim




Rod Build DVDs

  • FEB 5/13 
  • Advanced Rod Building Building Techniques/ Artue Hebert   60 mins  $24.95
  • How to build a unique custom butt cap, a sensitive custom reel seat and a custom winding check using epoxy and thread. Teaches how to balance the rod, do several new decorative thread wraps, how to mix and apply finishes for a glass smooth, crystal clear, bubble  and blemish free finish.
  • Complete Rod Repair/ Artie Hebert     60 mins $20.95
  • Step by step how to repair broken fishing rods from tip top tp butt cap. Repair methods suitable for fly, spinning, casting, offshore & bamboo.
  • Flex Coat Rod Building: How We Do It  $24.95
  • How Flex Coat does it- Find spline, align guides, build handle, wrap guides, apply finish
  • Handcrafting a Graphite Fly Rod/ L.A.Garcia  60 mins   $29.95
  • 5 weight, freswater fly rod with nickel silver fittings and titanium ring guides, and an 8 weight, saltwater fly rod with fighting butt and an anodized reel seat
  • How to Build Custom Graphite Fly Rods/Artie Hebert  60 mins  $24.95
  • Takes you thru construction of two fly rods, a 5 weight freshwater rod with nickel silver fittings & titanium ring guides and a 8 weight saltwater rod with a fighting butt, aluminum reel seat and traditional snake guides
  • How to Build Custom Rods Step by Step/ Artie Hebert  60 mins  $20.95
  • Fly Casting, spinning and offshore rods. How to design a rod, choose the proper components for it and the differnet types of graphite  used to build rod blanks
  • The Graphite Fly Rod  How to Build a Modern Classic  /Russ Gooding  213min  $34.95
  • If you are looking to improve your rod building, this is a good one.
  • An established master with bamboo takes the classic bamboo rod building aesthetic and translates it to the modern graphite blank. This comprehensive guide to building a graphite fly rod focuses on a 7ft6 4 weight , but the tools and techniques used can be applied to a wide range of fly rods
  •    Disc one- 1 hour 43 mins- Classic Aesthetic, Natural componenets, Design theme, Finding the spine, Dry fit grip & reel seat, Tape reel seat arbors, Guide placement, Mounting the tip top, Guide foot preparation, Preparing to wrap the guides, Secure winding check, Stripping guide primary wrap, Stripping guide tipping wrap,
  •    Disc two- 1 hour 50 mins- Snake guide primary wraps, Snake tipping wraps, smallest snake wrap, Tip topwrap, Ferrule wrap, Tender/check wrap, signature wrap, Apply color preserve, Preparing to epoxy wraps, First coat of epoxy, Between coat corrections, Second coat of epoxy, Polishing the rod, Inking the rod, Executing feather inlays




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