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      SEP 29/12   Book list is up to date 

  • Atlantic Salmon Handbook/Peter Bodo   120pg  SC    US List  $19.95   SALE  $12.00 
  •   Excellent reading for your first salmon trip
  • Art & Science of Fly Fishing/ Lenox Dick  129pg SC  UCS List $19.95  SALE  $10.00
  •  More than a good instruction book. Takes you deeper into the world of fly fishing and gives insights on how and why. Its like going fishing with an expert of the craft who is able to communicate.
  • Big Indian Creek/ Dave Hughes   892pg  HC  US List $16.95  SALE $10.00
  •   Authors reflections on a week in the Oregon desert. Nick Lyons says of this book " There is silence, solitude & intimacy with creeks, birds & skies, memorable fishing surprise and endless curiosity. What fly fisherman could want more?
  • Blue Chip Flies/ William C Black    96pg SC  US Lit $10.95    SALE  $8.00
  •    A Practical Guide to Choosing and Fishing the Most Productive Trout Patterns-
  •    Bill believes the sport of fly fishing should not be a high tech production for those with advanced degrees, but a people friendly pastime.
  • Casting With Lefty Kreh/  Lefty Kreh   468pg HC  US LIST $59.95  SALE  $40.00
  •    Like tking a private lesson with the best teacher in the business. Over 40 casts covered in step by step detail with many full color ohotos
  • Country/City: A Year at the River/ Bob Arnold  288pg SC  US List $19.95  SALE $10.00
  • Interesting Journal style by a writer who has the gift of being a careful observer of the physical world around him, with an intimate view of his steelhead rivers
  • Czech Nymph and Other Related Fly Fishing Methods/ Krivanec  119pg HC  US List $34.95  SALE  $29.95
  •   An experienced angler (20 years) shows the secrets in a few lessons the essentials of this king of angling. Traces the history of the Czech nymph & proceeds to catalog & detail 159 full color pics of nymphs & 45 color fishing photos
  • Darwins Bass/ PaulQuinett     254pg HC US LIST $24.95  SALE $15.00
  • The Evolutionary Psychology of Fishing Man
  •  If you are a fisher the book offers new understanding about yourself. If fishing has hooked a man or woman you love., it is loaded with insight into the motivations that send them out on the water. Darwins Bass will hook you with its light hearted humor and philosophy. Witten by a psychologist and fisherman
  • Essential Fly Tier/ J Edson Leonard    262pg HC  US List $24.95  SALE   $12.00
  • A classic back in print. Straight to the point. Create flies that work  B/W illustrated Color insert of 44 flies. Many interesting ideas to improve your tying
  • Empty Creel/ Geraldine Pope   50pg HC  US List $19.95  SALE $10.00
  • Illustrated by Dennis Cunningham
  • Great book to leave on your coffee table to twig the interest of kids and adults in a fine sport. Fascinating illustrations with a charming tale of hope, frustration and reward. Lucy and her crochety grandfather go fishing.


Sale Books F

  • SEP 15/12
  • Fly Rod Steelhead/Bill Stinson       143pg SC  US List $8.95   SALE   $5.00
  •   Lots of information from across the country
  • Float Tube Magic/Patricia Pothier    48pg  SC  US LIST  $15.95     SALE  $8.00
  •   Lots of info- handling safety,casting,fly patterns
  • Fly Fish Pacific Salmon/Ferguson & Johnson    118pg  SC   US LIST  $19.95   SALE   $11.00 
  •   Loaded with info. 7 excellent color plates 141 patterns
  •   good color plate of baitfish,squid,zooplankton
  • Fly Fishing Tales                   86pg  HC   US List $14.95     SALE    $8.00
  •   photos by Heffernan,paintings by Homer grace these excellent
  •   tales by Randolph,Ted Williams,Robert Traver,Zane Grey,
  •   Nick Lyons.Thomas McGuane,Hernert Hoover,Duncan,Hemmingway


Book Sale F

  • SEP 15/12
  • Fly Fishing For Summer Steelhead/   48pg SC   US list $15.95  SALE  $8.00
  • Shewey & Maxwell 48pg SC
  •   Everything is covered:tackle.lines,rods,effective fly patterns &
  •   when to fish them,casting methods,reading water & more.



Book Sale F-G

  • SEP 15/12
  • Fly Fishing the Northwest Territories of Canada/Hanks 149pg SC    $10
  •   If you are planning a trip up North or just dreaming about it
  •   this is a book to read.


Book Sale G-H-I

  • SEP 24/12
  • Great Rivers Great Hatches/ Charles Meck & Greg Hoover  372pg HC US LIST $27.85  SALE $14.00
  • Lots of information. Hatch dates & matches for major rivers right across the States. Fly Tying instructions for all growth stages of the most successful flies. Introduces the technique of matching the flower. Gives tips for great fishing even on lousy days,
  • Guide To Lake & Stream Trout Fishing/Bill Herzog  48pg  SC US LIST  $14.95   SALE  $8.00
  •   All Color  Not on fly fishing, but does have an interesting chapter and good pics on insects and a chapter on finding trout in lakes and streams 6 color plates of spinning lures
  • Handbook of Fly Tying/Peter Gathercole   188pg SC US LIST $24.95  SALE  $14.00
  • Printed in England, this book is excellent instruction for the beginner or more advanced who wants to improve his tying. Book is divided into sections on tails, bodies, ribbing, hackles, legs and wings. Full color step by step photos and detailed instrction for every step.
  • Halycon Days/ Bryn Hammond       246pg HC  US LIST  $21.95  SALE  $15.00
  • Angling historian Bryn Hammond paints a lush portrait of trout fishing and trout fishers, aided by half a millenium on the subject. Long list of well known contributors
  • Innovative Flies and Techniques/ Al & Gretchen Beatty     195pg SC  US LIST  $35.00  SALE $22.00
  • 46 contributors share innovations they have come across in years of tying. Lots of "Why didnt I think of that!" ideas and much just plain interesting information about pro tiers
  • Intelligent Trouting:Fly Fishing Basics & Beyond      190pg  SC  US LIst $14.95    SALE   $10.00
  •   Thomas Neil Zacoi: A well thought out and well presented book
  •   with a ton of info on all aspects of fly fishing along with some very
  •   interesting anecdotes & profiles on some of the fishing pioneers.


Sale Books L-M

  • SEP 29/12
  • Leftys Favorite Fly Fishing Waters/ Lefty Kreh & Harry Middleton  175pg SC  US LIST $14.95  SALE  $8.00
  • Making his case that the US contaions simply the best and most diverse fishing in the world. Lefty shares his top 40 waters including his favorite trout and smallmouth bass
  • Lost Lake: Stories by Mark Slouca       177pg HC  US LIST $21  SALE  $12.00
  • Twelve beautifully written stories of three generations of men and women set in a tiny Czech community on the shores of New Yorks Lost Lake. Andre Dubus writes " Love this artiscally brave book. it's the best writing about water I've read since A River Runs Through It"
  • Mastering The Art Of Fly Tying/Richard Talleur    218pg SC   US List  $24.95    SALE   $13.00
  •   Hands on guide to better fly tying skills,30 new & traditional
  •   fly patterns with 500 photos in color and black & white
  • Mastering the Art of Fly Tying/ G.Randolph Erskine    352pg SC  US List  $27.95  SALE  $15.00
  •   Veteran fly tyer Randy Erskine introduces you to a faster, easier way to reach fly tying mastery. In clear numbered steps he takes you from the simplest beginners fly and progresses to spectacular full dress feather wing salmon flies. 160 fresh water flies in all!
  • Mayflies/Ted Fauceglia       192pg HC   US List $49.95  SALE  $30.00
  •   The photographs of an emerging dun and the rest of his photos of the nymphs, mayflies and spinners are simply the best I have seen in a book! Its even better than trying to watch an actual emerger on the river when its hatching ( especiaaly when the trout are biting) Outstanding photos of every stage, nymph to dun to spinner to sciebtific description and latin names and a lot of pattern information 300 color photos
  • Miramachi River Journal/ Paul Mariner     48pg SC  US List $15.95  SALE  $7.00
  • One of the worlds greatest salmon rivers, All color  Info on the river, tributaries, lodges  two color plates of 30 popular flies


Sale Books M-N

  • SEP 15/12
  • Naturals:Guide To Food Organisms of Trout     224pg  SC  US List $19.95   SALE   $10.00
  •   Gary Borger: Carefully describes life histories of organisms important
  •   to trout & defines feeding habits for each stage. 50 plus dressings
  •   with notes on presentation and techniques


Sale Books N-O-P

SEP 15/12

  • Nymphs Tying And Fishing/Larry Tullis      40pg  SC     US List  $12.95  SALE  $8.00
  •   Covers tools,basic materials,techniques,hooks,knots and the most
  •   effective flies and dressings. All color
  • Pacific Rim Fly Fishing:The Unrepentant Predator     61pg SC  US List $9.95   SALE   $5.00
  •   Jim Repine: Fine stories & pictures of fishing in Japan,Alaska,Chile
  •   & Australia,bound together by tales from a Virginia boy who grew up
  •   with a love for fishing & hunting


Sale Books- P-Q

  • SEP 15/12
  • Peter Deanes Guide to Fly Tying/Peter Deane       142pg  SC   US List  $24.95   SALE  $12.00
  •   An English fly tying instruction book that is an excellent starter
  •   with some very interesting patterns that work throughout world
  • Quotable Fisherman/Nick Lyons, compilier     200pg  HC  US List $20.00  SALE   $10.00
  •   Wit.pith & wisdom from the worlds greatest angler writers:
  •    more than 350 quotes about the passion & pleasure of fishing


Sale Books R

  • SEP 29/12
  • Revenge of The Fishgod/Carl Von Essen  167pg  HC US List $21.95   SALE  $11.00
  • Angling Adventures Around The World- There are a lot of places around the world that most of us wont get to see or fish in our lifetime and its pleasant to go to these places ( at least in spirit) with someone who shares our passion and has the knowledge to describe it as a naturalist, conservationist, philosopher and gourmet
  •  River Seen Right/Michael Baughman      134pg  HC    US List $25.00    SALE  $12.00
  •   A fly fishermans North Umpqua: brings us along on an extended tour
  •   of the river to talk about fishing,the rivers rich history and pleasant
  •   memories of good friends


Sale Books S-T

  • SEP 30/12
  • Sea Run Cuthroat:How To Fish For/Les Johnson    76pg  SC  US List $15.95  SALE  $8.00
  •   Fly Fishing in fresh and saltwater,Spinning & fishing the salt chuck
  •   are all covered.Lots of useful info on techniques,color plates of
  •   94 fly patterns along with recipes
  • Shadow of the Salmon/ C.Barr Taylor    126pg SC US LIST $24.95  SALE  $12.00
  • A Fly Fishermans Quest For The Vanishing Salmon-  From Northern California to the wilds of Alaska, The compelling stories and color photos capture the thrill of ht strike  75 color photos 16 watercolors illustrated maps.
  • Stillwater Fly Fishing: Tools and Tactics/Paul Marinier  231pg SC US List $24.95  SALE  $12.00
  • Paul writes "find feeding fish and feed them- for me the greatest joy in fishing stillwaters is exploration of habitat, inhabitants and new tools and tactics of seduction"  35 years of experience on three continents shows in his book. Lots of good no nonsense advice from a Canadian view
  • Tackle & Techniques For Taking Trout/Dave Hughes  192pg    US LIST $14.95    SALE   SC $7.50
  •   Expert advice on choosing and balancing your equipment and
  •   casting techniques to handle any situation
  • Trout Flies of the East/ Jim Schollmeyer & Ted Leeson  127pg SC  US List $34.95  SALE $19.00
  • Best ContemparyPatterns From East Of The Rockies- 392 shop patterns, proven favorites for the local waters contributed by nearly 80 fly shops from 22 states and provinces in Eastern US & Canada. Patterns note contributor and also give the recipe and tying instructions and comments  All Color
  • Tying Glass Beads/ Joe V Warren   64pg SC  US List $25.95  SALE  $15.00
  • How to start including glass beads in your flies, includes charts & color plates, most effective toole and accessories, techniques needed and tips. 100s of flies including single beads, dressed bead body, extended bead body, imitations of naturals, searching flies, salmon, shad flies and saltwater flies


Sale Books T

  • SEP 30/12
  • Trout The Size Of Footballs/Richard Anderson          147pg SC  US List  $8.95   SALE  $6.00
  •   If you have ever had the urge to just throw it all in and go fishing,
  •   read this book Well written and interesting account of Richards
  •   3 month travels through the West looking for trout.
  • Trout and Salmon Fly Index/ Dick Surette    143pg SPSC  US List $16.95   SALE $11.00
  •   Over 170 classic fly patterns. wet flies, streamers, nymphs, dries, salmon flies. Geared for the beginner who seeks a simple clear guide using a photograph and caption approach tp get started fly tying. Many flies have hitory and origin
  • Tying Flies With Jack Dennis & Friends/Jack Dennis  288 pg coil bound    US LIST  $25,95  SALE $15.00
  •   100 illustrations & 800 instructional photos show you how to tie
  •   over 70 fly patterns.
  • Tying Nymphs revised edition/Randall Kaufmann 160pg SC US List $32.95  SALE $16.00
  • 900 + close up photos clearly show every wrap of thread as Randall teaches you how to tie 31 of the worlds best nymphs with speed, ease and efficiency  all color
  • Tying and Fishing Outstanding Flies/ Doug Stewart  152pg SC US List $19.95  SALE $10.00
  • How To Match The Hatch With Your Own Creations- 100 finished flies and key technique sequences. Improved fly tying methods for beginning and intermediate tyers. A simple, superior methodology developed over 28 years as a fly fisherman and tyong instructor, along with effective techniques for fishing each fly
  • Watermarked: Journal of a Naked Fly Fisherman/ Robert Lyon  207pg SC US List $18.95  SALE  $10.00
  • Autographed Copy-     One mans passion- for fly fishing, for adventure.- Dave Hughes writes " some of the finest pieces I've read in a long time. Lots of outdoor writers assemble stories as  if about rods walking around out there by themselves: no folks attached. Robert got the people in there- Great!"




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