[ Fly tying & Rod building supplies ]



Books A

  • SEP 23/12
  • ABCs of Fly Tying/Belliveau     96pg SC    $11.95   
  •   step by step teach for 18 flies,  250 color illus.
  • Advanced Custom Rod Building/Dale Clemens  320pg HC   
  •   (New edition)  complete guide to fiberglass,S Glass,Graphite    $40.00
  • All Weather Fly Fishing Journal- Rite in the Rain      $7.95
  • 50 sheets   no more mushy notes, use pencil or pen, formatted pages for body of water, location, date, air temp, wind speed, hatches, flies used, fish caught & more places for notes   4"x 6"


Books A

  • SEP 16/12
  • Advanced Fly Fishing for Steelhead/ Deke Meyer   $31.95     FlyFish
  •  methods that work,fly design, using 2 hand rods  160pg SC


Books A

  • SEP 16/12
  • American Fly Tying Manual/Dave Hughes  48pg SC  $10.95  Tying  **
  •   very basic instructions, but enuf to get started. Lots of Patterns.
  • Art of Tying The Dry Fly/Skip Morris    112pg HC  $39.95        Tying
  •   Hard cove autographed    400 color photos  full color  step by step


Books A

  • SEP 16/12 
  • Art of Fly Tying/Claude Chartrand     206pg SC  $24.95    Tying  ** 
  •  Good- 144 large color photos 200 B/w-tying,insects,techniques
  • Ausauble River Guide/Fran Betters   72pg  SC   $16.95       Guide    
  •   Maps. C&R sections, best patterns, hatch chart


Books B

  • NOV 13/13 
  • Barr Flies/J.Barr    hardcover  184pg   $43.95
  • How To Tie $ Fish the Copper John, The Barr Emerger & Dozens of Other Patterns & Rigs
  •    Barr shares his confidence patterns, tells how he developed them and gives tips on when and where to fish them and his three fly system
  •   570 color photos 22 illustrations
  • Basic Stream Flies/Schollmeyer & Peterson  spiral bound 143pg   $25.95
  •    Helps choose the right fly and when, where, how to use them    28 effective patterns
  • Benchside Introduction to Fly Tying/Leeson & Schollmeyer  spiral bound 189pg  $45.95
  •    Unique format gives you simultaneous access to fly recipes, tying steps & techniques- no flipping back & forth from one pattern to technique   over 1500 color pics  200 full colour photos
  • Basic Fly Fishing/J.Rounds editor   spiral bound  120pg  $24.95
  •   A thorough guide to selecting rod, reel, line, leader & flies as well as tips, methods & techniques from Lefty Kreh, Barry and Cathy Beck and others   180 color photos
  • Basic Fly TYing/Rounds & Luallen     spiral bound  88pg   $24.95
  • Full color tying book makes it easy for the beginner to grasp how to tie flies  300 pics  35 drawings
  • Beyond Basic Fly Tying/ Rounds & Luallen   spiral bound 128pg  $34.95
  • Includes 60 min DVD  follow up to the best selling "Basic Fly Tying"
  • Best Streams For Great Lakes Steelhead/ Linsemann   hardcover 272pg   $35.00
  • Four excellent color plates of flies, 60 recipes for streamers, nymphs, sculpins, speys, egg flies- Good description of individual streams and methods to fish them
  • Better Flies Faster/ David Klausmeyer  soft cover 184pg  $24.95
  • 501 fly tying tips for all skill levels from the editor of Fly Tyer magazine. lots of good ideas to make your tying easier
  • Brown Trout Fly Fishing/ Carl Francis        soft cover  87pg   $29.95
  • All color, 4 color plates of flies 67 recipes. A famous guide, who has guided former US presidents, Francis details his methods and knowledge in a pleasant and informative manner
  • Building Classic Salmon Flies/ R.Alcott    spiral 216pg  $29.95
  • For all levels of fly tyers. Helps demystify an arcane craft into an enjoyable art form
  • Bug Water/ A Thomason     224pg   $44.95
  • By a scientist and a flyfisher, stunning photos & fascinating narratives show bugs up close in amazing detail. Follows bugs and trout thru their life cycles all year, Covers all popular groups
  • BackRoad Mapbooks   $14.95                                          Guides
  •    Southwestern BC, Vancouver Island, Central BC,
  •   Kamloops/Okanagan, The Kootenays, Near North Ontario,
  •   Algonquin, Ontario Cottage Country, Southwestern Ontario
  • Bamboo Rod & How to Build It/Kreider   151pg SC   $23.95   
  •   Complete instructions from a master builder.



Books C


  • OCT 14/12 
  • BOOKS  C 
  • CaddisFlies/ Gary LaFontaine      Hardcover 336pg   $41.95
  • Intense, in depth look at a major trout food. Tested patterns and details strategies on how to fish larvae, pupae and adult flies   Color and B/W photos
  • CaddisFlies/Thomas Ames Jr        hardcover 320pg    $56.95
  • A Guide To Easten Species.
  • Complete pictorial survey of Trichoptera, based on thoughtful analysis, sound science and many hours on the water, collecting live insects and testing flies. Takes the myth and mystery out of matching the hatch. More than 100 species in 55 genera & 20 families 395 color pics
  • Caddis Super Hatches/Richards,Braendle   87pg SC  $24.95 
  •   Lots of good patterns & much info on identifying
  • Carp on the Fly/ Reynolds     176pg SC   $17.50                 
  •   With this info you should be able to catch this wary fish
  • Charlie Cravens Basic Fly Ytying   288pg hardcover   $44.95
  • Learn to tie 17 popular nymphs, dries & streamers, master fundamental tying techniques in a series of practical lessons by a great teacher 1000 color photos
  • Clousers Flies: Tying and Fishing/ B Clouser  184pg hardcover  $41.95
  • Includes recipes, instructions, methods and variations with color photos to tie 17 flies to catch fresh & Salt  650 color photos and illustrations
  • Clousers Fly Fishing for Smallmouth in Rivers & Streams/ B Clouser  226pg Hardcover $41.95
  • Lefty Kreh says of this book " I have seriously pursued smallmouth bass with a fly rod since 1947. Bob Clouser is the best fly rod smallmouth bass man I have ever fished with" The book is full of his wisdom, especially for catching larger bass.
  • Classic Salmon Fly Materials/ Michael Radenich  264pg hardcover  $67.95
  • The refernce to all materials used in constructing Salmon flies  370 color photos
  • Complete Steelheader/ John Larison 240pg hardcover  $56.95
  • Successful fly fishing techniques from the Northwest editor of Fly Fishing magazine
  • Complete Illustrated Dictionary of Salmon and Steelhead Flies/ C.Mann  448pg hardcover  $60.95
  • The most comprehensive directory of Salmon flies ever published 1800 flies  full color dressings
  • Concise Handbook of Fly Tying/  Skip Morris 40pg SC   $8.95
  • Excellent full color book shows beginners the basics in tools, tying techniques and materials.
  • Contempary Fly Patterns of BC/ Art Lingren  102pg  SC  $25.95
  • Hundreds of some of BCs best fly patterns from many of its good tyers




Books C

  • SEP 16/12
  • Custom Graphite Fly Rod/Skip Morris  112pg  HC $26.95  RodBuild 
  •   practical guide to design & build. out of print limited supply
  • Custom Rod Thread Art/Dale Clemens  221pg HC  $40.00  RodBuild
  •   covers all aspects simple weaves to names.  New Edition


Books D

  • OCT 14/12
  • Designing Trout Flies/Borger    224pg SC    $19.95       
  •   His successful techniques,patterns, procedures. success means having the right fly.  230 line drawings, 16 color pg
  • Deer Hair Fly Tying Guidebook/ J.Pangburn  64pg  softcover   $14.95
  • Complete instructions for stacking, wrapping, making wings, tails, spinning etc. with natural deer hair  84 patterns, many with step by step instructions
  • Drift Boat Fly Fishing/ N.Streeks   112pg softcover $25.95
  • A well known Montana river guide, Neal Streeks, covers hatches, flies, reading water, equip and techniques. Will benefit any river angler  Full color


Books E

  • SEP 30/12
  • The Essential Fly Tyer/J.Edson Leonard  272pg HC $24.95 
  •   Classic reprinted. Cuts thru to make flies that catch fish
  • Essential Trout Flies/Dave Hughes   96pg  SC   $24,95         
  •   step by step 200 color pics tie basic styles to cover most flies
  • Essential Saltwater Flies' Ed Jaworski   128pg SC  $24.95
  •   38 patterns every salt fisher needs . includes Deceiver, Surf Candy, & Gotcha  step by step tying photos 344 color photos 14 B/W Illus


Books F

  • DEC 9/12
  • Featherwing and Hackle Flies for Salmon and Steelhead/ Chris Mann 224pg HC  $39.95
  •   Directory of old and modern salmon flies, America and Europe guide dressings  400 color photos
  • Federation of FlyFishers Fly Pattern Encyclopedia   SC  227pg  $40.95
  •  1600 of The Best Flies-  Flies , ideas & techniques from best demo tyers in North America. Lots of tips and information  All Color
  • Fishing Knots/Lefty Kreh  122pg spiral SC $24.95
  • Proven to Work for Light Tackle & Fly Fishing- Precise illustrations show each step of the tying process DVD features Kreh tying 30 knots
  • Fishing Tanden Flies/ C.Meck  192pg SC  $19.95
  • Charles Meck covers  tandem rigs top to bottom, clear illustrations on rigs, techniques
  • Flies: The Best 1000/ R. Stexter  128pg  SC  $25.95
  • Great photographs, all color pattern & dressing guidefor trout salmon steelhead bass & saltwater
  • Float Fishing for Steelhead/Techniques & Tackle Dave Vedder   63pg SC  $15.95
  • Lots of info for the beginner & experienced angler, includes rigging up for various water types, specialized techniques and rigs, reading the water, working fish
  • Fly Casting Accuracy/ Joan Wulff  96pg SC  $18.95
  • Few people have trained more accomplished fly casters than Joan Wulff. Learn to place your casts where you want them
  • Fly Fishing for Bonefish/C.Fernandez  208pg hardcover $62.95
  • Beautiful, full color with exper advice on tackle, flies, biology, ecology,destinations, guides, casting & fish fighting techniques 114 color pics
  • Fly Fishing for Coastal Cuthroat Trout/L.Johnson   144pg SC $30.95
  • The definitive book on coastal cuthroat= from their habitat and life history to the most productive flies-Techniques, tackle,also data from Pacific biologists  Full Color
  • Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon II/ Johnson & Ferguson  Hardcover $60.95  SC $40.95
  • Completely rewritten and updated from the 1985 classic, Includes input from many respected people in the Pacific Salmon area Full Color
  • Fly Fishing Pressured Water Tactics for Todays Trout/LLoyd Gonzales  222pg hardcover  $49.95
  • Very interestung book- innovative effective patterns for bottom fish, school fish, nymphs, mays & caddis. 54 styles, 110 patterns 466 detailed color sequential pics
  • Fly Patterns for Stillwater/P Rowley  104pg  SC  $29.95
  • Very popular stillwater book. All major food sources for stillwater along with many new and insightful fly patterns with tying instructions for each pattern
  • Fly fishing Tactics for Brown Trout/Geoffey Bucknall  193pg HC  $32.95
  • Written in England  by a master fisher, this book can give you a deeper understanding of tate elusive quarry we love to chaxe
  • Fly Fishing for Trophy Trout/ B Curtice  88pg  SC  $19.95
  • Pro fly fishing instructor covers fly fishing for trophy trout, includes trout species, habits, foods, equipment, accessories, knots, casting, seasons etc  full color
  • Fly Fishing Tailwaters/ P.Dorsey   208pg HC  $56.95
  • Tactics and patterns for year round waters, from ecology to techniques  227 color photos
  • Fly Fishing Western Trout Streams/ J.Mclennan   224pg SC  $19.95
  • Jim explores everything fro A to Z in this comprehensive book
  • Fly Patterns of BC/ Art Lingren   112pg  $30.95
  • The Roderick Haig Brown Centennary edition. All new photos all color  8.5 x 11"
  • Fly Tiers Benchside Reference/ T Leeson  J Schollmeyer  464pg HC  $99.95
  • Full color, 3000 plus color photos & 400,000 words describe step by step 100s of techniques
  • Fly Tying Clear and Simple/Skip Morris  80pg spiral bound  $19.95
  • All color book shows how easy it can be to tie flies- advice in step by step format
  • Fly Tying Clear and Simple II Advanced Techniques/ Skip Morris 148pg spiral bound  $25.95
  • Simple steps with concise instruction, lots of color photos and strategies to improve skills
  • Fish Food: Fly Fishers Guide to Bugs & Bait/ Ralph Cutter  207pg   SC   $19.95
  • Thorough study by an inquiring mind has led to innovations in fly design and angling techniques, Covers trout foods such as BW Olives, caddis, damselflies. scuds,ants   53 color pics  47 illustrations
  • Fly Fishermans Primer  Fling/Peterbaugh  160pg SC $12.95
  • Two experienced anglers who ran their own fly fishing school fill you in on all you need to know to enjoy this great sport. Lots of helpful information
  • Fly Fishing for Stillwater Trout/Orvis Pocket Guide Jim Lepage   136pg HC   $16.95
  • This invaluable book will help you catch trout on flies in lakes or ponds. Everything you need to know to get started is here. Tackle & gear, fishing from boats, canoes and tubes, fishing all the seasons,  stillwater trout foods and flies that imitate them and more.
  • Fly Fishing Structure/ Bob Neweman  196pg HC  $34.95
  • Lefty Kreh says of this book, If you are a fly fisher this is a book you should read and study. Bob Newman has done an extraordinary job of analyzing the importance of structure in fly fishing
  • Fly Tying for Beginners/ Kaufmann    64pg SC   $12.95
  • Quick and  simple professional techniques for nymphs, streamers and Dry Fkies 400 concise step by step color photos show and tell you how to tie24 of the most popular flies.  With this manual anyone can tie a perfect fly for the first time
  • Fly Tying Bible  100 Deadly trout and Salmon Flies/ Gathercole  256 pg  spiral hardcover $24.95
  • Enlarged color photos of flies along with step by step clear photos   600 color plates
  • Fly Tying With AK   A.K.Best    132pg  HC  $36.95
  • Patterns & Problem Solving With New Materials & Techniques
  • Tips & techniques from a master fly tyer helps meet the challenges of todays new tying materials. Addresses several tying problems and gives solutions. Describes new materials and patterns and how they differ from traditional material and what this means for today
  • Fly Fishing the Great Lakes Tributaries/ Rick Kustich   119pg SC     $18.95
  • Comprehensive guide includes equipment, how to handle various water types, methods & techniques for dead drift. tight line drift, undersized line method, floating line swing, retrieve, hop method & more. also boat fishing & destinations 4 color plates of flies, over 50 patterns and recipes includes less known local flies.
  • Fly Fishing the Grand River/ Iam Martin    Fane Rutherford  56pg spiral soft cover  $15.95
  • Complete guide to the hatches & fishing  66 color photos B/W illustrations, maps
  • Fly Fishing the Mountain Lakes/ Gary LaFontaine  175pg SC  $14.95
  • This a great read with a lot of Garys new techniques that you just dont find anywhere else!
  • Fly Fishing in the Northwest Territories of Canada/ C Hanks  149pg SC   $14.95
  • A great read on the outdoor lifestyle in this remote area plus info on fish, tackle, flies, where to go.
  • Fly Fishing the Trout Lakes/ Morris & Chan    94pg SC  $24.95
  • Excellent book on stillwater by two very experienced and knowledgeable anglers. Covers all depths, all seasons, entomology, fly patterns that work and equipment
  • Fly Fishers Craft: Art and History of Fly Tying/ Darrel Martin   28pg HC  $39.95
  • Fascinating book- returns to our angling origins with chapters on constructng antique lines, hooks, loops, rods- simply made with basic tools, examines fly design and techniques, both historic and modern
  • Fly Fishers Illustrated Dictionary/ Darrel Martin   288pg  SC  $14.95
  • Full explanations of more than 350 terms and phrases used by fly fishers past & present. 150 B/W illus
  • Fly Fishing for Pike/ D.Wolsoncroft-Dodds  196pg SC  $42.95
  • Gear , techniques and Flies, Written by an Englishman who has fished in the Baltics, Northern Canada and has guided in his home country for many years and has developed a successful approach to fishing for trophys


Books G H I J K

  • DEC 10/12
  • Great Lakes Steelhead/ Karl Weixlmann   180pg SC  $29.95
  • I am not a great fan of steelhead books, having struggled with steelhead for many years and found a lot of the info for me at least seemed to be rehashed from someone else I read 25 or more years ago and I was Just about to put this book back on the shelve when something caught my eye, so I do have to say this is a decent book. There is a lot of fresh info here and I am right in the middle of my steelhead fishing and we are doing great but I must say I cant wait till next week because I am going to try some of the new patterns and ideas and hopefully catch up with my very experienced fishin buddy!
  • Great Lakes Steelhead/ Bob Linsemann and Steve Nevalla  309pg SC  $22.00
  • A Guided Tour For Fly Anglers
  • Reading the water, spotting fish, fly selection, equipment, casting, playing, landing and releasing fish. All are covered . An overview with selected maps of the top fly fishing Great Lakes rivers   3 color plates of 50 good flies and recipes
  • Guide to Aquatic Insects & Crustaceans/ Issac Walton League of America  64pg SC  $7.95
  • Fully illustrated guide to identifying water dwelling macroinvertabrates ( bugs that is!)  100 drawings
  • Hair Hackle Tying Techniques and Fly Patterns/ L.G.Mackenzie  88pg SC  $20.95
  • Do durable effective and attractive flies for trout, salmon, steelhead & bass using hair hackle techniques
  • Hair Wing and Tube Flies for Salmon and Steelhead/ C. Mann   224pg HC  $39.95
  • Guide for steelheaders to some of the most popular types of flies   500 patterns  full color
  • Hatch Guides/ Schollmeyer
  • Hatch Guide for Lakes  $ 20.95     Hatch guide for Streams  $20.95
  • Two full color, detailed photos, hatch info and matching patterns
  • High Rollers/Fly Casting for Giant Tarpon/ Bill Bishop   168pg  HC   $34.95
  • Good info tying and rigging lines and leaders, approaching feeders, hook set and fighting  8pg color section
  • Innovative Flies and Techniques/ A & G Beatty  196pg   spiral bound HC  $30.95  SC  $20.95
  • Many new flies with step by step photos and descriptions of methods to tie each-  Full color
  • Joan Wulffs Fly Casting Techniques/  Joan Wulff     228pg SC  $22.95
  • 16 time champion caster offers in depth analysis of every practical cast needed. Sections on line speed, improving accuracy and distance B/W photos and drawings
  •  Fishing Knots/ Lefty Kreh   128pg  spiral bound  $24.95
  • Inckudes 72 min DVD
  • Complete guide to tying essential knots for light tackle & fly fishing from simple to complicated
  • Guide to Fly Fishing Knots/ L. Notley  32pg  SC  $5.95
  • Helpful, instructive & easy to understand, includes loop and dropper knots  B/W illustrated 3.5 by 7 to fit in your vest
  • Guide to Saltwater Knots/ L Notley   SC $6.95
  • 47 knots sure to keep those strong, speedy razor toothed salts on your line
  • Little Red Fishing Knot Book/ Harry Nillson  72pg SC  $10.50
  • 50 knot for all types of sport fishing & lines ( includes new spectra and kevlar lines) B/W illustrated
  • Practical Fishing Knots/ Geoffrey Budworth    160pg  SC $12.95
  • Written by an international expert, provide easy to follow step by step diagrams and instructions for tying more than 75 knots for all forms of fishing  280 illustrations & 140 color plates


Books L M N

  • NOV 13/13 
  • Lake Fly Fishing Manifesto/ M Croft  96pg SC  $20.95
  • A light hearted hilarious book with dramtic drawings takes you thru what you need to know about stillwaters  Full color
  • Matching Mayflies/ Dave Hughes  84pg SC  $25.00
  • All you need to know to match any mayfly ypo encounter, plus patterns, tying, fishing. All color, Dave Hughes has been studying mayfly hatches, photographing them, tying flies to match them & honing presentation techniques, plus writing many books for ,ore than 30 years
  • Mayflies/T.Fauceglia    208pg  HC   $49.95
  • Everything onmayflies, from the most outstanding photos of every stage, nymph thru emergence to dun and spinner, to scientific descriptions and Latin names to pattern information  100 beautiful clear color photos
  • Midge Magic Don Holbrook and Ed Koch   109pg HC  $29.95
  • Groundbreaking research on matching midge naturals. Step by Step tying sequences for dozens of new patterns. Hatch charts and extensive catalog of patterns  290 color photos
  • Modern Fly Casting Methods  Lefty Kreh   143pg SC  $14.95
  • This is a book you can stick in your pack and pull it out when your casting is bugging you!. Lefty has to be one of the greatest teachers around, and he knows how to communicate it to you.
  • Modern Midges/ R.Takahashi and J.Hubka   288pg  concealed spiral HC  $44.95
  • Tying and Fishing 1000 plus patterns and recipes from around the world- tying steps for 15 essential patterns
  • Modern Atlantic Atlantic Salmon Flies/ Paul Marriner  100pg  spiral hard cover  $46.95  SC $39.95
  • 300 individual detailed color photos of the most popular and productive Atlantic Salmon patterns. Complete tying recipes for each one as well as its origin and fishing techniques
  • Morris on Tying Flies/Skip Morris   112pg SC $20.95
  • Skip has compiled his personal favorite fly tying articles into a current & relevant book for tiers of all skill levels.Over 74 patterns are shown- old standards & hot new patterns  Full color
  • Morris & Chan on Fly Fishing Trout Lakes/S Morris, B Chan  96pg SC  $25.95
  • All encompassing guide to the lakes includes techniques, reading waters, lake cycles, trout foods, productive flies, casting boats, equipment, knots, etc. Full color
  • Naturals: Guide to Food Organisms of the Trout/ Gary Borger   hardcover  224pg   $19.95
  • A biologist carefully describes the life history of the organisms important to the trouts diet & defines feeding habite for each stage. 50 plus dressings, notes on presentation, techniques, 162 illustrations
  • Nymphing: A Basic Guide to Identifying, Tying & Fishing Artifical Nymphs/Gary Borger  hard cover 224pg  $19.95
  • Covers traditional and newertheories, essential fly fishing skills on fishing the nymph, new casts, finding lies, detecting strikes, fishig depth, tackle, proper presentation and more B/W  185 illustrations
  • Nymphs for Streams and Stillwaters/ Dave Hughes  hardcover  384pg  $67.95
  • 900 plus photos of naturals and imitations and steps to tie 112 useful patterns  995 full color photos
  • Nymph Fishing Rivers and Streams/ R Hafele Includes 72 min DVD    hsrdcover  192pg  $56.95
  • A Biologists View of Taking Fish Below the Surface
  • Photo sequences teach 11 different fishing methods, including Czech, hinged leader, Liesenrig lift & wet fly swing. Detailed info on imitating mayflies, stoneflies, caddis flies, true flies, scuds and sow buigs. 330 color pics 20 illustrations
  • Nymph Fly Tying Techniques/ J Schollmeyer   soft cover  125pg  $24.95
  • Shows how flies have evolved from variations   on a handful of basic techniques Color Photos
  • Nymphs: Volume 1: The Mayflies Major Species/ Ernest G Schweibert  hardcover  656pg  $60
  • The authority on identifying the myriad species of mayfly larva and tying imitations that will attract trout accross the country. Wholly revised and expanded. Exacting details of every major mayflyspecies for identifying along with dozens of fly patterns to imitate Color Art thruought
  • Nymphs Volume II: Caddisflies, Stoneflies & Other Important Species/Ernest G schweibert  Hardcover 800pg $60
  • Gives the reader all the essentioal info about identifying individual species of these insects thruought their North America range and then delves into detailed instructions for scores of patterns to imitate. Color photos throughout



  • NOV 24/13
  • Ontario Blue Ribbon Fly Fishing Guide/Scott Smith  soft cover  91pg $24.95
  • Great list of the streams and lakes along with detailed local techniques & effective fly patterns
  • The Oddballs: The Ecology & Imitation of Unorthodox Trout Prey/Jeff Morgan SC  136pg $30.95
  • Grasshoppers, baitfish, chironomids,damselflies, dragonflies, crayfish, leeches, sow bugs & terrestials. Each food group is discussed- imitations including tying and fishing, reading water and three things to remember for both success and failure in your imitations. Many fly patterns. Full color
  • Performance Fly Casting: An Illustrated Guide/Jon B Cave  soft cover  131pg  $14.95
  • Perfect for beginners or anyone who just wants to brush up on specific aspects of their casts.Very good clear illustrations of body, arm and hand grip placement.
  • Poul Jorgensons Book of Fly Tying: A Guide to Flies for All Game Fish  soft cover  261pg   $24.95
  • One of the nations most prominent tiers reveals his choices of the best flies for all types of game fish and how to tie them in this well written & organized book B/W photos & six color plates of  dry flies wet flies streamers salmon and steelhead flies saltwater flies and cork & hair bugs
  • Pacific Salmon & Trout:The Behaviour & Ecology/Thomas B Quinn  soft cover 378pg  $35
  • On the very controversial subject of the protection and management of Pacific salmon resources professor Quinn has brought together a wealth of informatio on salmon behaviour, life historyand ecology in a well integrated and up to date book.Should be on the shelf of everyone with a professional or personal interest in Pacific salmon. Written in a technically accurate but engaging style
  • Patent Patterns/J Schollmeyer  soft cover  200pg  $30.95
  • A compilation of patterns from the popular column by the same name in the Fly Fishing & Tying Journal magazine. Huge variety of unique patterns from all over the world  Full color
  • Pop Fleyes:Bob Popovics Approach to Saltwater Fly Design/Jaworski & Popovics   hardvover  136pg  $47.95
  • Bobs use of epoxy and silicone revolutionized salt tying. Shown are his unique, successful fly patterns with full tying instructions 450 color photos 30 drawings
  • Reading Waters/Gary Borger  hard cover   177pg   $24.95
  • Gary defines the characteristics of the fishes three types of lies & shows how to identify them in all waters. Then he tours little streams to massive rivers. pointing out the locations of sheltering lies. feeding lies and prime lies, also the secret river which few anglers know and fewer fish. Also a careful lpok at lakes and ocean flats and more.
  • Rotary Fly Tying/Al and Gretchen Beatty  soft cover 116pg  $25.95
  • Most anglers do not understand the full potential of the rotary vise. This book guides tiers thru the sometomes frustrating adjustments needed  to use it to the full Shares tying tips & for quickly tying flies and learn to tie 36 flies for salt & fresh  step by step photos Full color.
  • Saltwater Flies: 700 of the Best/ Deke Meyers  soft cover 119pg  $34.95
  • All patterns with full tying recipes and much explanatory text  in full color
  • Shrimp & Spey Flies  For Steelhead & Salmon/ Mann & Gillespie   hardcover  240pg $34.95
  • The definitive guide- 360 patterns from Ireland, Scotland, UK, Iceland, Scanadavia, Canada & USA   360 color photos
  • Sight Fishing for Trout/    L Mayer  hardcover 208pg $34.95
  • Detailed instructions  on casting to tricky spots, presentations, reading rises and finding fish
  • Smelt Fly Patterns/ Donald A Wilson   soft cover 61pg  $23.95
  • All the varietys of smelt, the best techniques to use when fishing smelt flies, how to tie smelt flies and an extensive list of recipes 45 color pg
  • Spey Casting/ Simon Gawesworth    hardcover  296pg $54.95
  • Very thorough treatment on spey casting, 26 chapters cover principals, dynamics and physics of the spey cast, along with tackle, tips and troubleshooting  212 color photos,  66 illustrations
  • Spey Casting/ 2nd edition/ Simon Gawesworth  hardcover 308pg    $56.95
  • Revised and updated to include the latest trends with a completely new chapter on Skagit casting- an ideal cast for tight backcasts 220 color photos   66 illustrations
  • Single Handed Spey Casting/S Gawesworth  hardcover 256pg $44.95
  • Solutions to casts,obstructions.tight spots and other casting challenges  400 color photos
  • Spey Flies & Dee Flies: Their History and Construction/ J Shewey   soft cover 160pg  $30.95
  • Thorough and up to date book on traditional flies and methods and materials to tie. Includes history, step by step photos & instructions and useful tying techniques- hackling, ribbing and winging. Tying traditional , Pacific northwest and contempary spey and dee flies and fishing them
  • Beautiful color plates including 59 individual fly plates
  • Spring Creeks/M Lawson  dcover   304pg $67.95
  • Everything is covered from trout foods to flies and fishing techniques by a guide and owner of Henrys Forks Anglers  315 color photos 86 illustrations
  • Spring Creel Strategies: Hatches, Patterns, Techniques/ Mike Heck  hardcover   180pg $39.95
  • Pennsylvania guide shares tactica and techniques he teaches his clients to catch tough trout. Includes his top fly patterns, tips on matching major hatches of tricos, Baetis & Sulphurs and stealth and presentation.  180 color photos  15 black & white illustrations
  • Steelhead and the Floating Line: A Meditation/Bob Arnold  soft cover 167pg  $15.95
  • Fly Fishing Techniques.  Shares his extensive knowledge, experience and the colorful characters he encounters in his quest for steelhead. His davice can help you hook more fish Ten very nice color plates of 106 steelhead patterns with notes on several of them. Reading & mastering the waters where they thrive,steelhead habits techniques for all four seasons effective presentations and more  color
  • Steelhead Flies/ J Shewy  hardcover 216pg  $30.95
  • Well written and researched,covers materials, tying techniques and numerous patterns 100s of sharp color photos including step by step photos hairwing anf featherwing flies, spey and dee flies, practioners, shrimp and spwan patterns, dry flies and much more
  • Steelhead Fly Tying Guide / H K Helvia  soft cover 80pg  $25.95
  • Full color  step ab step book makes steelhead flies * steelhead fishing eay for the reader to understand. Crisp color photos of various steelhead flies including spey, wets, skaters dries and the techniques and recipes to tie them
  • A Steelheaders Way/ Lani Waller   216pg  $44.95
  • Covers essential elements for trophy steelhead. Great blend of how to & why to captures the essence of fish and uncovers what it takes to consistently bring them to hand. Techniques for swinging wets, skating dries, proper approach and his favorite patterns 189 color photos



  • Tandem Streamers/ Don Wilson   soft cover 188pg  $30.95
  • Streamers are very effective on salmon and trout but when trolling for these flies nothing beats a tandem. This extensive book covers dressing tandems, trolling techniques. hundreds of streamer patterns and fly paltes and historical photos and important people in their development
  • Trout Country/Bob Saile   hard cover  206pg  $24.95
  • Reflections on Rivers, Fly Fishing and Related Addictions-  Ahter 25+ years as outdoor wrtier for the Denver Post Saile has countless opinions and stories on trout stream and fly fishing. A.K.Best write" I have seldom read the words of another that so accurately express the essence of my most private thoughts and feelings each time I string up a favorite rod and step into a stream in search for trout
  • Trout Stream Fly Fishing/Harry Murray  soft cover 103pg  $9.95
  • Handy book has a lot of information on trout foods and fly selections, reading water. spotting trout, techniques for all seasons, mastering all water conditions, trout behaviour, habitat  4"x 5"
  • Tying and Fishing Tailwater Flies/ P Dorsey   hard cover 208pg $43.95
  • Companion to his first book "Fly Fishing Tailwaters" Dorsey has incorporated a large number of patterns he has perfected over the years as a guide on numerous western tailwaters  647 color photos  30 B/W illustrations
  • Tying Flies Twelve of the Best/ Deke Meyer  soft cover apprx 32pg each   $11.95
  • Excellent books for the novice or adnaced who wants to improve their ttying  Lots of good tips for the novice and a good section on tools and use of a whipfinisher
  • 1  Tying Saltwater Flies
  •   Apte Tarpon fly, Bendback, Bobs Banger, Clouser Deep Mino, Crazy Charlie, Del Browns Permit fly. Deceiver, Mother of Epoxy (hot Glue) Silicone, Surf Candy, Whistler, Tims Deep Fried Prawn
  •  2  Tying Steelhead Flies
  •   Cooks Popsicle, Crystal Shrimp, Egg Fly, Floaty Butt Winter Fly, Great Lakes Hex, Green Butt Skunk, Halloween Matuka, Meyers Purple Spey, Steelhead Leech, Steelhead rubber Leg, Steelhead WoolyBugger, Steelhead Soft Hackle.
  •  3 Tying Trout Flies
  •   Bead Head Caddis, Carey Special, Damselfly mymph, Fur strip leech, Hares Ear, Micro egg, Scud, Montana Stone, Pheasant Tail, Prince Nymph, Soft Hackle, Wooly Bugger
  •  4 Tying Bass Flies
  •   Bass Wooly Bugger, Burkes Bass Flash, Cork/Hard Foam Poppers, Cork/ Hard foam sliders, Dahlberg Diver, Deer Hair Popper, Dekes Bead Legs, Henrys Crawfish, Rabbit Strip slider, Soft Foam Popper, Soft Foam Slider,  Wiggle Bug
  • Tarpon on the Fly/Don Larmouth & Rob Fordyce  soft cover  96pg $25.95
  • Robs near 20 year tarpon guiding and curiosity of lifelong fly fisher Don comimg later to tarpon team up for expert advice on biology and behaviour, tackle, rigging up, flies, presentation
  • Trout Flies:The Tiers Reference/Dave Hughes   hardvover  480pg  $75
  • Three parts-   1   Philosophy of fly tying, materials, equipment  2  searching flies for trout- dries, wets, nymphs, streamers  3 Infinite array of fly patterns, color photos, 1445 color plates step by step for 500 ties.
  • Trout Flies for Rivers/ C & S Morris includes 115 min DVD    hardcover   296pg  $56.95
  •   Patterns From the West that Work Anywhere- Very comprehensive list of fly patterns- Dries, wets, nymphs and streamers  626 premier patterns, clear simple writing  964 color photos
  • Tube Flies: A Tying, Fishing & Historical Guide/ Mandell/Johnson  soft cover  96pg  $30.95
  • All color, large format shows the beauty of tube flies, their ease of tying & very effective fishing tactics. Over 150 patterns with step by step instructions
  • Tube Flies Two: Evolution/ Mandell/Johnson    soft cover 170pg   $30.95
  • New volume includes 227 flies from  35 tiers in 14 countries with each tier sharing tips  and techniques, showing new materials and methods that have evolved
  • Two Handed Fly Casting: Spey Casting Techniques/ A.Buhr  soft cover 80pg   $22.95
  • Practical, straightforward  manual reveals secrets of 18 different spey casts  Full color
  • Twenty Salmon Flies/ M.Radenich includes  2 hour DVD on key techniques hardcover 220pg  $79.95
  • Learn to tie these and you will master the art of tying classic tying. Appendix shows 100 classic patterns
  • Tying Emergers; A Complete Guide/ Schollmeyer/Leeson  soft cover  260pg  $45.95
  • Comprehensive look at design, materials, tying techniques & numerous patterns  full color
  • Tying Flies with Jack Dennis & Friends/ J Dennis  coil bound  300og  $25.95
  • Great partterns from Jsck Dennis, Mike Lawson, Gary LaFontaine, special tying techniques
  • Tying Foam Flies/Skip Morris   soft cover   48pg  $20.95
  • Step by Step photos, detailed instruction and discussion of chatacteristics of foam and threads
  • Tying Furled Flies:Patterns for Trout, Bass & Steelhead/Ken Halley   soft cover 144pg  $24.95
  • Durable. easy to tie, twisting creates distinct mottling, variegated patterns.  500 color pics
  • Tying Dry Flies: How to Tie Must Have Trout Patterns/ Jay Nichols   HC Spiral  184pg  $28.95
  • Traditional techniques, innovative patterns and clear concise instructions and photos
  • Tying Nymphs/ R Kaufmann   soft cover  144pg  $32.95
  • 900 plus close up photos clearly show every step.   31 of the worlds best.  Full color
  • Tying Small Flies/ Ed Engle     hard cover  240pg  $39.95
  • 75 step by step patterns, midge larvae & pupae,. tiny paras, floating nymphs, microscuds, tiny ants. Notes on hooks, threads, materials for size 18 down plus fishing methods   Color
  • Tying The Classic Salmon Fly: A Modern Approach To Traditional Techniques/M Radenich  hardcover 240pg  $67.95
  • Full gallery of classic salmon flies, Learn to tie for  fishing or exhibt
  • Tying With Fur Foam and Feathers/Harrison R Steeves Jr   soft cover 144pg  $28.95
  • 48 effective, innovative patterns, step by step color pics  434 color photos and how to fis them



  • Wapsi Fly Tying Handbook            coilbound   $9.95
  • Same full color book as found in the Wapsi fly tying kit. Clear easy to understand 17 patterns
  • Western Mayfly Hatches/R.Haefle & D.Hughes  soft cover 268pg  $40.95
  • Includes info on entomology, fly patterns and tying techniques 300 photos 75 illus full color
  • Western River Hatches/ Skip Morris    32pg  $5.95
  • Vest pocket size imfo on identifying insects, selecting an appropriate fly and fishing
  • Which Fly Fly Do I Use? ? Darren Banasch   soft cover 48pg   $9.95
  • Written by Darren, owner of Hook & Hackle Canada is handy guide for all levels fly fishers- Tackle set up, fishing techniques, some of the most productive trout patterns for all waters.
  • Wooly Wisdom/ Gary Soucie             hard cover  231pg  $39
  • How To Tie & Fish Wooly Worms, Wooly Buggers and Their Fish-Catching Kin Tying Recipes for 400 Patterns
  • Easy to tie fish catchers, An in depth look at wooly buggers including tying and fishing  Full Color
  • Watermark/Grant McClintock & Mike Crockett   hard cover 144pg   $39.95
  • Stunning photographic journey on fly fishing in the Eastern waters of North America. Unforgettable record of a unique odyssey. a detailed photographic and written accout of fly fishing past and present  Color photos




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